Welcome to Prodel Logistics

Welcome To Prodel Logistics


Who we are?

Prodel Logistics is a company which prides itself in its online marketplace building relationships with and between business owners and final consumers. Prodel gives you rich and affordable choices all from a click and comfort of your home. We offer same day reliable deliveries at very affordable rates. Download our app from the App Store for IOS users and the Play Store for Android users and start shopping.

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Your Cargo, Our Concern

Did you know that at Prodel, your parcel as soon as it gets into any of our delivery bikes or vehicles is completely insured until it gets to its final destination, we have partnered with a leading insurance name in Nigeria to ensure that you never have to worry while using Prodel. Our riders and drivers are all equipped with the best training to match your customer service expectation. Just one of the many reasons why Prodel remains an outstanding and professional choice.

Unique Delivery Experience

Our technology that powers our deliveries and online market platform is fully designed to give you a thrilling experience while shopping either from one of our Business Partners or just shopping for a delivery. You are indeed a simple click away from a unique shopping experience right from our user-friendly App to our state of the act tracking technology that allows you track and interact with your delivery rider in real time as soon as a delivery is initiated.


"Bridging a World of Commerce just with a Single Click"


R.E.C.C - r.e.c.c refers to the four foundations on which prodel operates as a business, these four pillars are embedded in to the fabric of the very foundation of prodel.


Prodel prides itself in same day deliveries with real time tracking of our riders the moment they start a delivery. Our customers and management are able to simultanousely track our riders.


It has never been a better time to completely migrate to on online market platform which appeals to the changing norms of physical distancing, our customers at prodel are exposed to a rich variety of options for products due to our various business partners representing different industries in our growing economy.


Appealing to our customers sense of convenience is not just a goal but one of the bedrocks on which prodel is founded on, Right from the moment a customers clicks on our page down to when there order has been completed, the goal is always to satisfy our customers convenience.


A complete online market platform is most efficient when it operates in a cashless society, thereby giving our customers the easy secure option of paying from the comfort of there home and having all payments easily accounted for. Prodel is a completely cashless company and this is included in our company policy.