About Us

About Us

Prodel Logistics Limited is a logistics company with a vast technological backing. We foster business relationships between customers and businesses in various sectors of the economy by facilitating sales and deliveries at the highest possible convenience for both the customer and the business they patronise on our platform. We provide an online presence for all our business partners regardless of the size of the business and its location in any of our service area.
Prodel promotes a high level of customer service when dealing with businesses or final customers, we embody this in our application software as well as our website. We are a completely cashless company and will always let all our stakeholders aware of this in our service agreement.

At Prodel, we know our customers deserve a great delivery experience. Our world class technology powers thousands of orders every month to bring Nigerians the product they desire, delivered. Prodel is a one of Nigeria’s leading and largest logistics company in partnership with hundreds of businesses across Nigeria. Our headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria.


Prodel adds value to the life of Nigerians by fostering a completely unique delivery experience which always aims to leave our customers completely satisfied and in a high state of convenience. Our world-class technology powers thousands of deliveries as well as facilitating sales for our business partners.


Prodel was founded in 2020 by Stanley Orlu and Fabian Gbem, at the time, both lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where Stanley worked as a technical support advisor for Apple Inc. and Fabian worked as a banker for RBC, the goal of setting up Prodel is to introduce a delivery experience powered by exceptional customer service and phenomenal technology, thereby raising the standard of delivery and logistics services in Nigeria. Prodel also gives small scale businesses the opportunity of an online presence without having to worry about the huge capital involved.